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Will this be reprinted? Would love a physical copy!

Yes, it will! Things are up in the air with Diskette's production schedule, but another print run is going to happen.


Really enjoyed this, captured The Experience of going out when you're still early in transition. And I always low to see trans people supporting each other. :) Thank you!

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Wow, that was beautiful. Only small issue I have is that 

[SPOILER] Cleo should've addressed to Winnie that she left her alone in a dangerous situation at the bar.[/SPOILER]

But other than that this was a very real, important, and hit very close to home. It's wonderful to find art written by and for trans people, thank you for sharing.

i’ve definitely had times where i didn’t feel comfortable ruining other people’s good time with pointing out stuff like that 🤐

This was lovely and heart warming to read!